A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Dieu To

Posted in Dieu To by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

An eccentric Asian caller, Dieu captured the fascination of K&B with his unique speech patterns (he repeatedly interjects the phrase “Kevin and Bean” in conversation), his “f-ed up eye” (which has since been corrected surgically), and his unabiding desire to make it in entertainment. Among his exploits are failed open mic appearances and the tentative changing of his name to “Bob To,” due to the fact that he wanted to sound tough, like Bob’s Big Boy.

In recent months, the show has come to learn that there is more going on below Dieu’s oddball exterior. In particular, Dieu is given to writing emails that confess to crimes or plan how he can use his “learning disability” to justify yet-to-be-committed crimes. Also, Psycho Mike videotaped a “Cribs”-style visit to Dieu To’s home and found details such as a hidden bag of knives, an inexplicable collection of women’s underwear, and several bottles of prescription drugs that didn’t appear to be prescribed for Dieu. Dieu always claims (unconvincingly) that such disturbing behavior is just a joke.

Adding to Dieu To’s intrigue are his frequent travels to Asia and his tendency to send weird emails then not responding to K&B’s invitation to appear on the air. He has come to be known as the “International Man of Mystery”.