A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Hot Bell, The

Posted in Bean, Ding!, Hot Bell, Kevin, King of Mexico by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Bean often rings a bell at the mention of an attractive woman’s name. The practice extends to when callers specifically greet Lisa May, usually with a suggestive tone. At one point, a children’s bicycle bell was used when attractive but underage stars were mentioned, such as the Olsen Twins and Lindsey Lohan. The cowbell is also used for larger women like Oprah Winfrey.

Bean’s judgment in using the bell has come into question at points, leading to debates over whether a particular woman (such as Hayden Panettiere) is “bell worthy”. Kevin has also taken to playing a backward-playing bell sound effect to undo Bean ringing the bell for people such as Zac Efron and Betty White.

In April 2009, a gong sound effect was introduced for use with unattractive women (i.e. Kirsten Dunst). The possible use of a Chewbacca growl as a negative bell was suggested, but Dave the King of Mexico’s attempt to make such a noise was hilariously weak. An actual clip of the Star Wars character has since been used.