A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Double December, Miss

Posted in Lisa May, Miss Double December by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

A beautiful, busty woman who is selected to serve as a representative of the show at various events throughout the year. Tradition requires that Miss Double December make out with Lisa May whenever alcohol is served at such events.

No-Game Game, The

Posted in King of Mexico, Miss Double December, No-Game Game by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

The name Dave the King of Mexico gives to his strategy for picking up women, which is essentially doing nothing at all. The term is most often used when attractive guests such as Kristen Bell and Hayley from Paramore show affection for Dave. Such attention never leads to a date, however, and is often attributed to Dave’s non-threatening nature and his tendency to be viewed as “one of the girls”, rather than anything Dave might have done deliberately. The No-Game Game did, however, gain a degree of credibility in the winter of 2007-2008, when Dave inexplicably hooked up with beautiful Yasmine, a former Miss Double-December, after a “girls night out”. Said hook-up and the resulting relationship is also known as “9/11 Part II” due to its shocking and life-altering consequences.