A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Felt Tip

Posted in Felt Tip, Money by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Originally a simple marker used to randomly pick football games, Felt Tip’s success against sports guy Money in the office pool lead to his development as a hard-partying womanizer who appears at only the most exclusive events.

Point for Cake

Posted in Bean, Money, Point for Cake, Ralph by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

A once-recurring bit titled “The Burning Question” featured staffers (usually Ralph and Money) debating a pointless topic while Bean would keep score of who was winning the contest. One such debate, ‘Which is better, cake or pie?’ lead to the catch phrases “point for cake” meaning something good and “point for pie” meaning something bad. Soon after the bit ran, a caller claimed that the phrases were being used on the set of The Shield and that guest star Glenn Close started using them herself.

Smith, Matt “Money”

Posted in Bean, Former staff, Money by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Former Kevin and Bean sports reporter, now does pre-game, post-game, and half-time reports for the Los Angeles Lakers on AM570. He also co-hosts a drive time sports talk show with Petros Papidakis, himself a frequent guest of the Kevin and Bean show, titled “The Petros and Money Show (or PMS)” Monday through Friday from 4-7 on AM570.

Due to budget restraints, K&B never found a permanent replacement for Money, so Money returns or calls in from time to time when big sports events are in the news. Among the topics that come up is the annual bet between Money and Bean over whose baseball team will do better. Bean has had to pay Money “100 credits” for 7 years running and often sends the money as inconveniently as possible, such as in Susan B. Anthony dollars, 100 separately-mailed singles, and in pesos.