A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Act That Dare Not Speak Its Name, The

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When plans were hatched for Dave and Alex to spend the night at Psycho Mike’s home, Kevin and Ralph bet Mike that he wouldn’t make a certain deposit of bodily fluids on the face of one of his guests while they slept. The next day, Alex was disgusted to learn that Psycho Mike won the bet at her expense.

Brit Brit and Federleezy

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An impersonation of Britney Spears (voiced by Producer Alex) and her notorious ex-hubby during which Kevin and Bean would mock the latest mishap in their relationship and K-Fed’s supposed rap career. Ironically, the spoof rap songs by Psycho Mike as “Federleezy” were far superior to the actual ‘music’ made by Federline. Following a caller’s suggestion that the impersonation was actual done by Ashton Kutcher, Kevin and Bean often credit Kutcher for the other impersonations that Psycho Mike does.

Brow Down

Posted in Lightning, Psycho Mike by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Psycho Mike’s parody of hip hop song “Bow Down” in which Mike mocks hirsute intern “Brow” and Armenian stereotypes in general. Lightning’s accompanying video generated thousands of angry comments on You Tube.


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A mentally challenged listener who occasionally calls in to talk about his love for Drew Barrymore. During the 2005 NFL season, he picked weekly football games as part of the show’s demonstration that office pools are entirely random because somebody with no knowledge of football will often get lucky.

In subsequent years, Dawan’s show participation has increased, primarily due to his being universally loved by members of the show.  Dawan is fond of the “90210” and “Melrose Place” reboots and often relies on Psycho Mike to do favors for him, including planing his birthday parties.

Fear, The

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An urgent, uncontrollable need to use the restroom, coupled with the anxiety that there is not enough time to make it to said restroom. The term originated when Psycho Mike related a story wherein he took care of business on his parents’ lawn because he didn’t think he would make it inside. Tales of The Fear also surrounded the later fascination with Hot Cheetos and their undesirable side effects.


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Riffing on Brandon Davis’s insult of Lindsay Lohan, Psycho Mike’s version of Brandon Davis performed a song called “Firecrotch”. Includes the hilarious expression “stinky beaver”.


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The opening line from his parody song “Brow Down”, Psycho Mike calls out this shout-out whenever the city or anything Armenian (such as Kim Kardashian) is mentioned on the show.


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Whenever an Asian person is mentioned on the show, Psycho Mike calls out the Japanese saying “hai!”.  Psycho Mike’s enthusiasm for being inappropriate occassionally leads to the mischaracterization of a non-Asian person with an Asian-sounding name (i.e. actor Jason Lee).

Psycho Mike

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An assistant producer, Mike also is the fearless “man with a microphone” who conducts interviews in such uncomfortable places as the gym shower room and the Magic Johnson Theatres. He’s often kidded on the show about his bodybuilding career, ambiguous sexuality and his strange body-image neuroses. His tastes run to the extremes, ranging heavy metal music and the movie American Psycho, to having crushes on feminine men such as Jared Leto. He is also the voice behind the impersonations of Kevin Federline, Brandon Davis, KROQ DJ Jed the Fish, Gene Simmons, and Tom DeLonge.


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An erstwhile Raider fan voiced by Psycho Mike who always seems to get wrapped up in some sort of trouble that prevents him from actually seeing the Raiders play. Outside of football season, Rudy and “Sad Girl” (also voiced by Psycho Mike) often turn up when issues related to Mexico or Latinos are in the news.

Speecy Spicey Sausage

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When the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain was making news, a supposed clip from the movie was played in which Psycho Mike voiced both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in a moment of passion. Part of the clip, which refers to Ledger’s member as a “speecy spicy sausage”, caught on as a catch phrase.