A Kevin and Bean Glossary


Posted in Roctober by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Mocking the way that classic rock stations make the month of October noteworthy by adding the letter “R”, Kevin and Bean continue the joke throughout the year by celebrating “Blovember”, “Double-December”, and other sexual-themed months.  In 2009, the show commemorated Fridays in the month of Roctober with live performances of their own rock band Melfon every time somebody mentioned the word “Roctober”.

The full calendar is as follows:  Vajanuary, Februareola, March-chika-bow-bow, Aprilingus, May I See Them, Poon, Ju-like it in the ass, Ah ah august, Sextember, Roctober, Blovember, and Double-December.  Most month names are only mentioned in the opening 5:30 segment.

(Special thanks to Kevin at kevinandbeanarchive.com for filling in the blanks.  That’s what she said.)