A Kevin and Bean Glossary

Armenian Comedian, The

Posted in Armenian Comedian by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Sam the Armenian Comedian is a poor comic of unlimited confidence, he believes he is incredibly talented regardless of how often he’s told otherwise. Also known to dabble in ventriloquism and heavy metal music, with similarly dismal results. His appearances are often train wrecks of unintentional comedy that only Kevin appreciates. Makes his living as a hair dresser.

Thriller interuption

Posted in Armenian Comedian, Kevin by Aaron Burr on March 9, 2007

Whenever a caller tries to plug a website that the guys are not enthusiastic about, Kevin plays a clip of Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller” loud enough to drown out the site’s URL. The caller is often invited to mention the website again, but is then drowned out by “Thriller” again. The practice began when the organizer of “Thrill the World”, an attempt to break a world record for number of people performing the Thriller dance at the same time, was interviewed on the show about his inane project.

The act has been reduced to verb form, as in “he got thrilled”.

The ultimate “thrilling” took place at Kevin and Bean’s first “April Foolishness” comedy concert. After several talented and successful comedians performed, Kevin and Bean introduced the Armenian Comedian to the audience. Before Sam could tell a single joke, the curtain dropped and the Thriller music played.

During and following an interview with a guy trying to promote “Top Gun Day”, the practice was modified to use the Kenny Loggins song “Danger Zone” instead.